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Whitetail SLAM TV will chronicle our members quest for their own personal Whitetail SLAM. Hunters who have registered bucks on Whitetail SLAM will be screened for a chance to be included on the television show. Register your buck(s) and start your SLAM Page NOW- as we are preparing 2012 episodes and you just may be selected to appear on Whitetail SLAM TV, or in our print and digital magazines! read more »

The Whitetail SLAM is everyone's SLAM, coast to coast, woman or man...attainable by any hunter with a passion for chasing whitetails across this great land. Slammers with four bucks or Ultimate Slammers who have taken a buck from ALL the sub-groups will be of specific interest for Whitetail SLAM TV feature.When hunters register a buck, they will be placed into a TV data base. An email will be generated to you from the series producer with specific questions pertaining to your interest in TV hunting, experience and desire to participate.

A whitetail is a whitetail is a whitetail... isn't it? Actually, as terrain, habitat and climate vary throughout North America, resident whitetail deer have uniquely adapted. It seems that the more one dives into whitetail biology, the more evidence appears that deer living in different areas have different food preferences, different habits and even different rut cycles than their northern, western or coastal cousins. Whitetails are different.

Whitetail SLAM TV will travel the width and breadth of North America, looking for clues to what makes whitetails in each area different. Following hunters and biologists alike, Whitetail SLAM will expose the traits of these deer and the specialized hunting tactics for these unique bucks. From food plot strategies, to herd management and benefits of proper buck age structure, to recognizing phases of the rut and matching hunting tactics... Whitetail SLAM TV will feature all the nuances in each whitetail territory and hunts with all types of implements.

Are you up for the challenge of traveling to different destinations to hunt these unique deer in THEIR own backyards and harvesting your buck or SLAM on camera? This ultimate deer hunting challenge now has a name... Whitetail SLAM! read less

Episode 8 “Seminole”

Aug 30, 2013

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