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WS - 6985 Crown Point, IN
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Ultimate Slam Slam

Love the competitive side of bass fishing.  My dad gave me his old 1981 LuCraft bass boat for my 16th Birthday.  So I have been fishing tournaments since I was 18.  I grew up fishing and loved it, so hunting was never in my mind.  Until one day I met this man, Tim Jones Sr, who I fished against in one of the circuits we were fishing at the time.  Became good friends, and he asked me to come deer hunt with him one fall at a cabin that him, family, and friends had built on 88 acres.  After that weekend I was never the same.  Fishing was always on the back burner, and when deer hunting season was over, I would go into a state of depression.  Could not hold on to a girlfriend at this time, partly due to my obsession, until May 2008.  This is when I met Hannah Styron.  The love of my life!  The Lord blessed me, sending her my way, because now we are engaged, and getting married 07/06/2013!

Northwestern Whitetail

Year: 2012
Weight: 208Age: 3.5 years
Weapon Used: BowScore: 140 - 2/8
Location: Lake County, Indiana
Northwestern Whitetail

Had many pictures of this buck.  Also many encounters, but he managed to always stay just out of bow range.  Got up in my stand at 1pm Nov 14, by 1:30 he popped out of this thicket 190yds away, locked on a doe.  I video taped him on and off for 2 hours.  Then instantly, he pushed this doe about 60yds from me within seconds! She circled him once, then came right into my food plot.  He was not leaving her, even though he was getting a little weary.  The doe was at 20yds when he finally came into the food plot facing directly at me.  It seemed like it took him an hour to turn, but when he did, I drilled him, at 33yds.  Ran not even 100yds across this crp field and crashed!

Northwestern Whitetail

Year: 2012
Weight: 217Age: 5.5 - above years
Weapon Used: BowScore: 145 - 5/8
Location: Lake County, Indiana
Northwestern Whitetail

This buck stayed just out of distance during early archery and gun season.  Fortunately, Lake CO. Indiana went urban at the end of 2011 deer hunting season, allowing me to hunt until the end of January with my bow.  I did not give up, and one snowy wind blowing day, he made a mistake and came right across the top of this oak hill I was hunting.  Hit him at 25yds, he fell over 60yds later!