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Ultimate Slam Slam

Southeastern Whitetail

Year: 2016
Weight: 0Age: 3.5 years
Weapon Used: MuzzleloaderScore: - 0/8
Location: Pushmataha County, Oklahoma
Southeastern Whitetail

A mainframe 8 with a split G2 and kickers on the back of both bases, coming out to 13 points with a 20 1/2 inch spread. I did not weigh him and have not been able to get him scored yet. But this is my biggest buck to date. Now the hunt was an adventure in itself by far the quickest hunt I’ve ever been on. Sitting only 2 minutes with my back to a tree during muzzleloader season.
I had woke up late just a little after 7a.m. So that means I was already cranky first thing in the morning I hurried to gather my hunting supply and gun around camp while realizing i was going to have to walk down the road or something to just pretty much make a make shift spot and do it quickly sense I’ve wasted enough daylight! I took off and turned off the road after a short walk. I walked maybe 20 yards and found three scrapes right next to each other.
  I got out my bottle of tinks #69 and put a little in the biggest scrape then I poured some on the back of my heel on both boots to carry the sent down the hill and hopefully masking mine. I walked maybe another 80 yards to a banch that opened up pretty wide. I took a minute looked around and found a hickory to sit at the base of and faced up the hill. I set my rattling horns to the left of me and my gun in my lap, pulled my phone out to check the time it was 7:52 a.m. I sat it down and started examining every gap between trees and flat spots there was.
  Just in a moments notice I seen something flicker out of the corner of my eye on the left of me. I focused my eyes and just seen what I that was a squirrel at first. It was his antlers almost touching the ground while he was feeding he raised his head and pointed his nose in the air. ” he smells me” I thought to my self but he didn’t snort he just walked forward and got behind some clustered trees. I used this time to raise my muzzleloader and pre aim on the other side of the trees.
  About the time I got the crosshairs where I wanted them he stuck his neck out from behind the trees just perfect in my scope. Right where he is standing now is where I walked in at and he just stood there looking what seemed directly at me. I did not know if he smelled where I walked or if the Doe pee I put on my boots had him looking for her. But I didn’t want to gamble on a chance like this so I centered my crosshairs in the middle of his neck and pulled the trigger.
  He dropped where he stood. Out of me being nervous and extremely excited I sat there shaking grabbed my phone and checked the time it was 7:54 a.m. but all that quickly faded when I noticed he was trying to get back up. So I quickly got behind a pine and started to reload my gun I finished rather quickly. I stepped out and his head was facing the opposite way so I cautiously made my way closer to him. I got pretty close before he stood straight up broad sided to me and was still facing the other way.
  I made my shot behind the shoulder, he turned and ran straight at me and I stepped to the side as he went by. He went maybe 15 yards and crashed. It was definitely a hunt I will never forget and I’m glad to share with all of you.