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Ultimate Slam Slam

When I was 12 years old in the deer woods with my father I hear my first buck grunt. I immediately immitated him with my mouth, and he ran right to us. From that day on, I have through much trial and error, and great success, perfected the art of mouth calling whitetails. Grunts, Growls, Clicks and snortwheezes are all part of my repertoire, with some other secret tricks as well. Look for me on WhitetailSLAM on video this upcoming season.

Northern Woodlands Whitetail

Year: 2012
Weight: 0Age: 1.5 years
Weapon Used: BowScore: - 0/8
Northern Woodlands Whitetail


Northern Woodlands Whitetail

Year: 2007
Weight: 0Age: 3.5 years
Weapon Used: BowScore: 121 - 7/8
Location: Onondaga County, New York
Northern Woodlands Whitetail

This buck chased a hot doe right to my tree like a cutting horse.  she stopped below me, and he dug his hooves in, skidded to a stop and froze, panting, tongue hanginig out in tall goldenrod.  I let loose my arrow, and watched it dissapear into the goldenrod headed for his heart.  he crashed away to the south, and the doe bolted north.

I called my buddy to tell him i had just hit a buck, and as i was talking (out loud) another beautiful buck came straight to me from the south, a bit higher on the hill than the direction he had run off to… he turned below the tree, i could see blood coming down his back leg….i quickly knocked another arrow, drew, grunted to stop him, and arrowed him through the chest.  IT WAS THE SAME BUCK….HE HAD MADE A CIRCLE AND COME BACK FOR THE DOE!  My first arrow deflected in the goldenrod, hit his last rib, liver, through his paunch, and out his right ham.  An unbelieveable testament to the strength and will of a buck in the peak of rut.

Southeastern Whitetail

Year: 2005
Weight: 0Age: 3.5 years
Weapon Used: BowScore: 138 - 7/8
Location: Forsyth County, Georgia
Southeastern Whitetail

Grunted this buck away from a doe he was chasing and arrowed him with a 72LB Wes Wallace longbow and a homemade cedar arrow that had turkey wingfeather fletches from a gobbler i shot the prior spring!