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WS - 1373 Park Rapids Slam Award
I come home with an honestly earned feeling that something good has taken place. It makes no difference whether I got anything; it has to do with how the day was spent. (By the one and only Fred Bear)
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Ultimate Slam Slam

I owe everything I have experienced to the one man who took the time to introduce me to the outdoors.  I remember all the sacrafices, teachings and patience my father passed on to me.  I pledge to pass on what I have learned to those around me and my own kids, so that they too can have the incredible life I have been fortunate enough to live!

-Over 25 years experience in chasing whitetails
-Can’t hunt, talk, or plan enough for whitetail’s on any given day!

Northern Woodlands Whitetail

Year: 2017
Weight: 170Age: 3.5 years
Weapon Used: BowScore: 125 - 0/8
Location: Adams County, Ohio
Northern Woodlands Whitetail

Pre-rut hunt in Ohio

South Central Plains Whitetail

Year: 2012
Weight: 220Age: 5.5 - above years
Weapon Used: RifleScore: 156 - 0/8
Location: Mercer County, Missouri
South Central Plains Whitetail

Wow much like my bow hunt earlier in the year on my new property this was an extra bonus to my investment.  After sitting all day and not seeing a single deer I grew impatient and decided to make my way out to my food plot that held turnips and clover.  As I approached the food plot I could see 3 fawns feeding.  Using some cover that I kept in the middle of the food plot I was able to get in good position to spend the rest of the hunt overlong the plot.  Just before dark I noticed a mature doe make her way from the bottoms up the the plot and shortly after her was this heavy 10 point I had nicknamed the Knotty 10.  With the 2 kickers and the big Knot (acorn point) I immediately recognized this buck as being on my hit list.  Once the shot rang out I could not believe the incredible year I had just had on my new property.

South Central Plains Whitetail

Year: 2012
Weight: 220Age: 4.5 years
Weapon Used: BowScore: 152 - 0/8
Location: Mercer County, Missouri
South Central Plains Whitetail

Purchasing my own land was a life long dream come true.  Harvesting a mature whitetail off of it after planting a food plot and setting stands was absolutely magical.  This nice main frame high racked 10 point followed another respected 8 point right to my 20 year shooting lane.  When I saw this deer drop within sight of my tree stand I would be lying if I didn’t say I fell apart.  What an emotional and memorable experience.