Northern Woodlands Whitetail

Year: 2016
Weight: 230Age: 5.5 - above years
Weapon Used: BowScore: 191 - 3/8
Location: LaPorte County, Indiana
Northern Woodlands Whitetail

Had 3 years of history with this buck, had him on trail camera as a 3yr old but never had an encounter with him. Found his sheds 2yrs in a row so I knew he was still alive. Finally caught up with him last October and got an arrow in him! He’s currently the LaPorte County, IN record grossing 206 1/8 and netting 191 3/8.

South Central Plains Whitetail

Year: 2013
Weight: 210Age: 5.5 - above years
Weapon Used: BowScore: 137 - 7/8
Location: Burt County, Nebraska
Dakota Whitetail

This was a cold windy/rainy day.  Just hung up the phone with my better half saying I was headed home.  Looked up and there he stood out in the picked bean field at 35 yards.  Made a perfect shot and he only went 25 yrds..

Gulf Coast Whitetail

Year: 2017
Weight: 105Age: 1.5 years
Weapon Used: MuzzleloaderScore: - 0/8
Location: Hillsborough County, Florida
Gulf Coast Whitetail

I got a redraw permit. Scouted Friday and killed this buck Saturday.