South Central Plains Whitetail

Year: 2007
Weight: 0Age: 4.5 years
Weapon Used: RifleScore: - 0/8
Location: Guadalupe County, Texas
South Central Plains Whitetail

.243 ... year and month are correct, the day I’m not positive of. its in the right week, it was thanksgiving of ‘07. will look up the date soon and edit it.

Northern Woodlands Whitetail

Year: 2012
Weight: 150Age: 2.5 years
Weapon Used: BowScore: - 0/8
Location: Perry County, Indiana
Northern Woodlands Whitetail

9 pointer
Shot with a bow the afternoon before gun season came in.

Northern Woodlands Whitetail

Year: 2008
Weight: 250Age: 5.5 - above years
Weapon Used: MuzzleloaderScore: 158 - 5/8
Location: Allegan County, Michigan
Northern Woodlands Whitetail

I shot this monster ten point with my muzzleloader when I was 14 years old on my family’s 20 acres in Allegan County Michigan. It was the best day of my life and because of it I am addicted to everything whitetails.