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Mega Slam Pack Giveaway


Drawing will be December 28

Creating something that is more advanced by making it simpler is an engineering marvel. New from Mathews is the Creed. Featuring the all-new SimPlex Cam, the Creed is the smoothest-drawing high-energy single-cam bow ever created. The Creed is designed around a balanced synergistic system giving it an amazing blend of speed, quietness and accuracy all in a lightweight, compact bow. The Creed truly is Advanced Simplicity. Experience it for yourself at your Authorized Mathews Retailer. (Official partner of Whitetail SLAM.)

A Whitetail SLAM is the harvesting of four whitetail bucks, one each from any of the eight recognized territories. Learn the tactics and strategies used to complete a SLAM while following pro and amateur hunters as they go for the SLAM. See 12 action-packed hunts and meet hunters who travel North America in pursuit of mature whitetail subspecies. (94 minutes)

The compact Ambush IR uses center shot technology, AA batteries and will capture IR photos out to 100 feet! Cuddeback is the leader in scouting camera technology. The choice of bowhunters nationwide. Forget or lose your SD card? Your Cuddeback will still take images and video and save them in internal memory (approximately 120 images). (Official partner of Whitetail SLAM.)

Go for the SLAM in this black cap sporting the red oval SLAM logo. The SLAM buck is screened on the side of this lightweight trucker cap. One size fits all with the adjustable back strap. Cap is form-fitted  and looks great!

The Hooyman Extendible Tree Saw is unique in that it is both a folding saw and an extendible saw. You can use your Hooyman just as you would any folding saw (you’ll notice that a Hooyman cuts even better) or add the extension and you’ll reach branches that you could never reach before. The two segments “nest” together for easy compact transport. The revolutionary telescoping extension system is sturdy and adjustable. Hooyman’s exclusive positive locking design features individual sections that lock down individually, This gives you the ability to adjust length and assures the extension won't flex or collapse. (Official partner of Whitetail SLAM.)

New for 2013, Buck Bomb introduces The Corn Holer! Finally, a feed block that is protected from the elements and cannot be easily carried away! The Corn Holer is a unique deer attractant that provides a flavorful treat for deer that they simply can't wait to return to. The Corn Holer literally screws into the ground, much the same way as a drywall screw goes into the wall. When installed properly, game must gnaw and paw this product deep out of the ground. This means that The Corn Holer will stay in place and force the deer to return to exactly the spot you want! And as an added bonus, the Corn Holer will also serve as a convenient yardage marker! The proprietary blend of ingredients in The Corn Holer make an attractant that is so enticing and so seductive, the deer simply cannot and will not resist it! The Corn Holer: Funny name, serious results!

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Weekly Gear Giveaway


Week of December 16 - Drawing will be December 22

This B-20 Block might be the best archery target ever made. With four-sided shooting and open-layered poly fusion foam layers, the Block Black stops every arrow and allows easy arrow removal. Use field tips or broadheads—the Block will stand up to thousands of shots. (Official partner of Whitetail SLAM.)

The Buck Bomb™ is a revolutionary scent dispersal system that helps both novice and expert hunters achieve their hunting goals. Its easy-to-use, cost-effective solution provides unequaled dispersion and broadcast range of five different scents: Doe in Estrus, Dominant Buck, Young Buck, Doe P and Vanilla Curiosity scent. (Official partner of Whitetail SLAM.)

Go for the SLAM in this brown cap sporting the Whitetail SLAM logo. It's a rugged, full-cotton and sporty cap. One size fits all with the adjustable back strap. The form-fitted design of this cap looks great!

Join adventure bowhunter Tom Miranda as he travels the North American continent in pursuit of the archery Super Slam. The Super Slam of North American Big Game consists of 29 different animals: five caribou, five deer, four sheep, four bears, three elk, three moose, muskoxen, pronghorn, mountain goat, cougar and plains bison. 

Considered the Everest of bowhunting, the archery Super Slam stands alone as the pinnacle of bowhunting achievement in North America. Very few hunters have taken all 29 species with a bow, and now for the first time, all have been arrowed on broadcast video.

Tom Miranda's archery Super Slam was 13 years in the making and included more than 54 separate hunting trips and 420 video tapes and discs. This video features high-quality, in-depth coverage of the challenges of bowhunting North American big game. 320 minutes. Includes bonus "play all impacts" menu option.

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