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  • Date Posted:12/09/2012
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I live in Springville, Indiana. I am 1 hr. south of Indianapolis. I will to swap any hunt expect for a northerwoods. Looking to add to my white tale slam. I have a farm just under 600 acres. The farm is hunted by only 2 people all season, have very little pressure. I prefer bow hunting, but will take gun hunters. The best time is bow season and late season when the deer bunch up at the food plots. We have over 125 acres of alfalfa, and 10 acres of corn and winter wheat. It’s not uncommon to see 2-3 130’’ class bucks in the afternoons. The hunt would last 5 days and there is no lodging or food, there are places to stay in town about 15 minutes away.  You also could bring 1 other person. Looking for a place with the same QUAILTY HUNTING! Have any questions contact me.