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Register all your bucks: It’s FREE, immediate and has many benefits. Here's how it works:

  1. Register as many bucks as you’d like (FREE) from any of the 8 SLAM Territories.
  2. Set up your personal SLAM Page:  Enter details & photos of your buck(s) online & personalize to feature your hunts with photos, stories, strategies, gear and tactics used!
    • Any Legal buck you’ve harvested in the past qualifies (photo is required)
    • Any legal weapon qualifies (bow, gun, crossbow, muzzleloader)
    • Every time you enter a buck, your photo will appear on the homepage feature immediately
    • Enter unlimited bucks from the same territory & use your Slam Page to tell each story!
    • CERTIFY 4 bucks from 4 of the 8 regions and earn a Whitetail SLAM
    • CERTIFY 1 buck from all 8 regions for the Ultimate Whitetail SLAM
  3. Share your Personal Slam Page with friends, or make it public for all SLAMMERS to see: become eligible for feature on our SLAM Spotlight on homepage, magazine or newsletters.
  4. Your accomplishments may be recognized on Whitetail SLAM TV, Magazine, Website or other Whitetail SLAM features for highlighting your dedication to mastering the skills of the hunt. 
  5. Access HuntSwap: connect with other landowners and trade for high quality, low cost access to some of the best private land in the North America!
  6. Access to Forums: engage with other slammers in the community of some of the most elite hunters in North America.

Access to the “Cover Shot” Contest for Whitetail SLAM magazine: (COMING SOON!) build your own Magazine Cover and we’ll select winners to be the cover photo of whitetail slam magazine in every edition

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