What is a Whitetail Slam

Why Join Whitetail Slam?

  • 8 Unique Deer
  • Never-Ending Season
  • It's Not All about Inches
  • Hunters are Collectors
  • Along with renowned whitetail biologist Dr. Harry Jacobson, Certified Wildlife Biologists Kip Adams and Brian Murphy of QDMA, Whitetail Slam created 8 subgroups in keeping with historic subspecies distribution theory, but also with consideration of habitat, climatic and other factors that have caused deer in these areas - and the hunting experience - to be distinctive.

    Dividing lines can constitute a grey area where the deer are similar in appearance, and possibly genetics. That said, the further a hunter travels from these divisions, the more different the habitat and the deer become. Learn more in our SLAM Bucks page.

  • Whitetail diversity & adaptation creates almost unlimited opportunities. Savvy buck hunters in pursuit of a Whitetail Slam will quickly learn that Florida whitetails rut in August and Arizona desert whitetails in January. There is a whitetail rut somewhere in North America every month from August to February, allowing traveling hunters unique opportunities to hunt during the best part of the season, for a much longer period than they would find in just their own back yards. Click here to view rut times in each category on our SLAM Bucks page.

  • Most hunters do dream about harvesting a whitetail buck with giant antlers - a monster buck. Yet today, deer hunting goals are changing. Quality deer management has led more hunters to realize that hunting is not really all about the rack. It's about enjoying our resource and managing the herd for a more natural buck age structure by protecting immature bucks and balancing sex ratios. This modern understanding of deer has started a new wave of hunting and collecting mature whitetails, not just for their racks, but for the intrinsic value of a properly managed herd. This puts more bucks on the land (increasing buck sightings & harvest opportunity in general) and puts more delicious doe meat in the freezer! Read about buck age structure by wayne master's "What's Age Got to do with it".

  • Dedicated hunters live to be outside. As youngsters outdoors, we often begin collecting pieces of our outdoor adventures, such as colorful leaves or rocks. Later, we begin bringing home arrowheads or shed antlers. This innate rive to collect and remember wild things carries into adult life - especially for hunters.

    We collect these trophies not to brag, but because each buck represents a tough hunt and memories of time spent in our favorite escape. Each buck, each unique hunt and each collection represents an achievement.

    Until recently, collecting whitetails has been mostly about collecting antlers. But our collective consciousness of the diversity of deer hunting, habitat and the varied whitetail characteristics has risen. Today, more than ever, hunters have begun to recognize the uniqueness of regional whitetail groups and the intrinsic value and worthy pursuit of a each. Whitetail SLAM's mission is to organize and recognize these achievements - the Whitetail Slam.