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  • Still looking for LA. hunt - Mon, April 28, 2014

    Hi Gang I’m still wanting to hunt the coastal area of Louisiana for a true Avery Island Whitetail.. Any one out there want to hunt????? Foxy

  • Interested in swap - Fri, March 28, 2014

    I’ve got great whitetail private hunting land in central Kansas area. I would be interested in swapping a hunt this coming season. would like to get surrounding regions to start. Thanks.

  • Swap hunt - Wed, February 19, 2014

    Hi Gang I need to hunt the bayou country of La for an Avery island whitetail.. I’m trying to finish out my goal of taking all 16 huntable subspecies and need a true Avery Island for one of my…

  • im wanting to hunt something other than whitetail open to offers - Sun, October 20, 2013

    i have 600 acres In southern Ohio I’ve killed a 14 point last year and a 13 point this year I have trail cam pics Of 3 more big bucks Between 150 and 180 I have pics of two bucks That Are around…

  • Wisconsin Rut Hunt Swap- 7 day - Tue, September 24, 2013

    Hey there. New to this site, but def interested in offering someone a great chance to harvest a Northern Woodlands Buck. I have two small leases that have an insane amount of daylight activity. Could…

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  • Slammer of the Week

    SLAM Spotlight

    Samuel Porter is in the SLAM Spotlight this week. Check out his full Whitetail SLAM right here.

    Remember, Whitetail SLAM recognizes SLAMs taken with any legal firearm, and vertical bow or crossbow, so you can enter as many deer as you wish. If you're filming your buck hunts, let us know—we are looking for hunters for inclusion in this season's Whitetail SLAM TV series.

    You can register whitetail bucks past or present ... and it's important to contact hunters you know who have shot many bucks in many areas of the country. In 2014, Whitetail SLAM will be numbering all SLAMS and Ultimate SLAMS. Maybe you have SLAM No. 1. The date of the fourth buck harvest that completes your SLAM will be the date that sets your position on the Whitetail SLAM list. So if you, Dad or Grandpa have shot whitetails across North America, tell them to dig up their photos and register to be part of SLAM history!

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  • Weekly Winner

    SLAM Spotlight

    CONGRATULATIONS to Tom Cuneo, last week's Weekly Gear Giveaway winner! He won the WHITETAIL SLAM PACK 4, valued at $125.

    Remember, just being a Whitetail SLAM member enters you into each Weekly Gear Giveaway! No purchase is necessary. If you're not a member, you can mail in your chance to win. Watch WhitetailSLAM.com for new and exciting giveaways every week!

    This week, you could win SLAM PACK 5, valued at $100!

  • Mega Slam Pack Winner

    SLAM Spotlight

    The most recent Ultimate SLAM Pack winner is Curtis Speller. Visit his SLAM Page to learn more about his whitetail hunting pursuits.

    Check out the latest Ultimate SLAM Pack Giveaway right here.